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“Unbelievable!” Regis Philbin – Live with Regis and Kelly  


Dave "The Memory Whiz" with Dr. Oz
Improve Your Memory 500% (or More!)
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"Who Else Wants To Discover The Amazing Secrets Of A Guinness Record Holder For Memory? You'll Unleash Your Own Super-Power Memory, Drastically Increase Ability to Focus, Overcome ADHD issues and Improve Your Comprehension Without Costly & Worthless Vitamins, Pills or Potions!"

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Discover How To Instantly Remember:
Foreign Languages
Playing Cards
Everything You Read
Everything You Hear
Everything You See
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Rave Reviews For Memory Made Easy Program

“Unbelievable!” Regis Philbin – Live with Regis and Kelly  

“Thank you for coming on the show and teaching us!”

Kathy Lee Gifford – The Today Show!

"Dave is amazing!"  
765-299-8089 - Host Canada AM  
After demonstrating the technique on Canada AM



Customer Testimonial
"I noticed improved focus and memory right away. I use the name technique daily and it always works for me. The Memory Made Easy Program is a MUST for anyone wanting to make more money in their profession. Just your techniques to remember names is worth the price of your program. Personally, I've made my investment back many times over applying the techniques in your program!Take this seriously because it really works!" 

Robert Cotes, Owner/Operator, Management Developement Group
Customer Testimonial
"Dave, words can't express how much your Memory Made Easy Program has meant to me in school. As a Graduate student, the workload is enormous. Before your program, I was struggling just to survive in school. Now, I'm scoring 90-100% on all my exams, and my study time has been Cut In Half! This means I can spend more time with my friends and family. I actually have a life now outside of school. I can honestly say your program is worth 10 times the cost! " 

Mandy Aubert, Graduate Student, South Western University, TX
Customer Testimonial
"I didn't really believe that it would work, but with only 4 hours of studying an entire semester's workload, I aced my final with a 98%. It was simple and fun....Thank you!" 

Dawn Shona Power, George Brown College, CA
Customer Testimonial
May 11, 2005  

My name is Xianix and I've been trying to contact you since January to tell you my testimonial! I came across your "Memory Made Easy" program last summer, after my boyfriend purchased it from your seminar in the Learning Annex. He raved about it and insisted that I use it, since I'm currently a Junior majoring in Criminal Justice at a Canadian College, and I would definatley benefit from using it.  

I took about 3 days to finish the program and I was absolutely impressed at how simple to was to understand and simple to use. I was very eager to put them to the test. Once I finally started my Fall semester, I used all the techinques I leaned throughout the academic year. And thanks to your program, I went from a GPA of 3.1 in my spring semester, to a GPA of 3.6 in the fall semester, automatically placing me on the Dean's List. I couldn't believe I achieved a jump of .5 in just one semester, a few months, a few hours of just studying your techniques.  

Since then I have told everyone I possibly could to try this program because it is definetely worth it. I sincerely thank you for your ingenious mind and helping me become a better and more successful person in both my academic and personal life.  



Xianix Barrera 
Ontario, Canada


Dear Friend,  

If you'd like to develop a super-power memory, increase your
ability to focus and improve your comprehension then this could be the most important letter you'll ever read.  

Here's why. For the first time ever you'll be getting into the mind of Guinness Record Holder for Memory and use his revolutionary techniques to release your own inner-genius.

David Farrow's Amazing Story And How It Can Benefit You

David Farrow, the founder and president of Farrow Inc., is a Guinness Record Holder for World's Greatest Memory. Using his own success with memory as a platform, David speaks nationwide to numerous corporations, small businesses and educational facilities surrounding his award winning memory and focus techniques. David has trained over 10,000 business professionals, students, managers and seminar attendees in memory programs offered in both Canada and the United States, with that number growing each day.  

In 2007, David Broke the Guinness Record for Greatest Memory again by memorizing and correctly recalling the exact order of, 59 decks of cards - that's 3068 cards in total, exceeding his previous record of 52 decks (2704 cards)! Dave was also hired by Sony Corporation to live in a window on 5th Avenue in Manhattan and speed read on a Sony E-Reader for literacy in America.  In 30 days, he read over 100 books and through his efforts, Sony gave 4.4 million E-Books to schools in America.  Over 100 million people watched him in the window read for charity. 

David is also the Founder and President of Accella Scientific, an emerging biotechnology company focused on developing handheld, first-response diagnostic devices for HIV and other viruses that has been featured in numerous television, radio and print media. A Special Note From David Farrow: It's a fact that in today's world credibility is the most important factor in purchasing any product.  

Below are 3 important reasons you can believe what I say about my Farrow Memory Program. I don't say these things to impress you or brag about myself, but to impress upon you the importance of credibility and trust.


Reason 1: 

Customer Testimonials. The fact is I have mountain of testimonials from famous celebrities to people just like you that prove I'm legitimate. But more importantly I am the current Guinness Record Holder for memorization.  The only person in North America to have a Guinness Record for memorizing playing cards. 

I'm not exaggerating when I say I have a huge box of nothing but testimonials from satisfied customers who have used my techniques to develop a super-power memory, increase their reading speed and improve their comprehension.  

The fact is, plenty of people talk about how wonderful their product is, but when it comes right down to it, they don't have 2, much less a box full of testimonials to back it up like I do. The fact is I've been teaching people these techniques for over 15 years.  

I've taught my techniques at both live seminars as well as through my best selling audio course...
Farrow Memory Program  

Reason 2: 

Companies have paid me as much as
$5,000 per hour for this same information. That's a fact! I know that's a lot of money, but fortunately you won't have to pay near that much money for my Farrow Memory program.  

Now, for a fraction of that cost you can have my program shipped right to your front door, and have me on call 24/7. Think about it. If someone is willing to pay me $5,000 for a one hour lecture, imagine how valuable this information could be to you!  

Once again, you'll be amazed at how little money you need to invest in my program.  

Reason 3: 

Sure, there are a lot of Johnny Come Lately's out there that make outrageous claims which can't be substantiated. Listen, the simple fact is,
I've been in the Guinness World Record for Memory for over 10 years!  

Don't be fooled by imitators or copycats who do not hold a Guinness World Record for memorization.  My program is truly one of a kind and no other program available can teach you the secrets of the Guinness World Record Holder for Memory.  

So, the bottom line is, don't be fooled by imitators and certainly don't settle for second best when it comes to spending your hard earned money.  

If you've already invested in another memory program that's okay to. My program is so reasonably priced, it won't take a big bite out of your wallet and you could make your investment back many times over.

(517) 962-8077

    Imagine The Incredible Benefits You Could Get With 
    Farrow Memory

  • You could develop a Super-Power Memory
  • You could instantly recall names, facts, details, information, sales materials, technical materials, and even birthdays!
  • You could make more money or get promoted by leaving competition "in the dust!"
  • You could be able to one-up your competition by staying on top of late-breaking news and critical information important to "success" in your industry with "minimum" effort! Your competition won't know what hit them!
  • You could get Better Grades In school studying HALF the time!
  • You could have your child getting better grades in school to help guarantee their success in life! Imagine the "Pride" you'll feel as a parent...and the self-esteem & confidence your child will have in themselves!
  • You could develop a keen focus and concentration on your reading materials!
  • You could be able to "focus" on your reading materials in the toughest of environments like: airplanes, at home with noisy children, at work with loud coworkers, etc.
  • You could astound friends, family, and coworkers with your new abilities and knowledge!
  • You can get twice accomplished in the same time with my personal focus technique.
  • You could be able to actually keep up with all of your pleasure, academic...or even work related reading materials!
  • You could dramatically improve your comprehension skills
  • You could be able to not only keep up with all of your reading, but actually "remember" what you read!
  • You could keep up with all your reading in the information age
  • You could read your monthly stack of newspapers, novels, newsletters, how-to-manuals, magazines, school textbooks, technical papers or trade journals in a "fraction" of your normal reading time!
  • You could learn a new hobby in just a few short days!
  • You could develop your intuition to know which questions will be ask on exams and quizzes! You could be able to walk into your classroom...and have peace-of-mind knowing which questions will be asked on quizzes and exams!
  • You could remain calm in high pressure work related situations!
  • You could have peace of mind in a high pressure business, sales, or academic situation so you...Don't sweat it!
  • You could increase you or your children's self-esteem!
  • You could have more free time to spend with friends, family, or just yourself playing a round of golf!

Warning: Do NOT buy any other memory or speed reading programs unless they meet the following 5 criteria...

There is a lot of confusion surrounding the field of memory and focus. I want to give you 5 criteria or elements you absolutely, positively must have in order to make an educated decision:  

1) They must have verifiable testimonials by people just like you proving their system works. The fact of the matter is, I have dozens of testimonials from people of all walks of life.  

In fact, I have a box full of testimonials 'raving' about The
Farrow Memory Program! I have testimonials from celebrities, top educators, business people, sales people, housewives, students and professionals. Basically, people from ALL walks of life.  

2) The program must be 'entertaining' for the listener. The fact is, many programs of this kind are dull, boring, mundane, and could actually be a cure for insomnia.  

I'm not joking when I say that some programs are just to 'boring' to listen to. Well, that's not the case with my
Farrow Memory Program. My system is fun to learn and incredibly entertaining.  

You should also know, I don't present the information like some boring college professor. In fact some people have told me they had trouble putting my program down!  

3) The information MUST be quick and simple to learn! With people leading very busy lives, any program must be able to be completed in just a few hours. That's right! People are just too busy in today's society, to spend endless hours learning a particular program.  

One of the reasons people enjoy The
Farrow Memory Program so much, is because it only takes about 1 hrs per CD or DVD. Many programs of this kind take months to complete. You and I both know, that's just too much time to spend in today's hectic society.  

My system is simple, quick, in just a few short hours, you will have mastered these techniques

4) Make sure they're a 'credible' source! You must understand I'm the current the Guinness World Record holder for memorization. And I am the only person of my generation to invent new memory techniques. So, don't be fooled by imitators, copycats or Johnny Come Lately's.   

There's simply no reason to settle for 2nd best. My techniques have been featured on popular TV and radio shows across the United States and Canada. I have also been featured in many newspapers across North America.  

5) They MUST offer an "unconditional" satisfaction guarantee! That's right! If for any reason you are not satisfied with my Farrow Memory Program, you can keep the bonus, and return the course for a FULL refund.  

No one else 'dares' to match my guarantee. Why? Because I'm so proud of my system that I'm not worried about people returning The
Farrow Memory Program. With a HUGE box of testimonials from satisfied customers, there's simply NO reason for anyone to want a refund when other people just like you are getting such great results.

Click Here Now To Improve Your Memory 500% Guaranteed!
You Get At Least 10 Times Your Money's Worth!

Here's what I mean by this. I've been paid as much as
$5,000 per hour for the same information that you'll be getting for a fraction of that cost. Think about it. What would it be worth to you if you could develop a super-power memory, increase your ability to focus, improve your comprehension, get a job promotion, get better grades in school, get better grades for your child in school, increase sales, make more money, get more recognition, have peace of mind, beat the competition, learn a new hobby and even impress your friends, family and coworkers.  

Can you really put a price tag on all of these potential benefits? Well, you're not going to believe how reasonable Farrow Memory is. In fact, people have told me that The Farrow Memory Program is worth at least 10 times the incredibly low price of only Regular Price: 349.97 Sale Price: 149.95

Ok, Here's What You'll Get When You Order The Farrow Memory

  1. Memory Made Easy 4 CD's
  2. NEW! Expanded Farrow Memory System on 6 Video DVDs
  3. David Farrow's Easy To Use Instruction Manual that compliments the CDs.
  4. NEW! Memory Learning Styles quiz, a PDF file found on DVD #6.
  5. Dave's unique focus techniques on just one DVD that show how he overcame ADHD to get one of the best memories in the world.
    You Can't Lose With My 100% Ironclad, Money Back Guarantee

Once again, your satisfaction is guaranteed. You get a 100%, no risk, you-can't lose, ironclad, 30 Day money back guarantee. I'm sure you'll agree with a guarantee like this, you can't afford not to take advantage of this special offer.